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The Campaign for a safe footpath and

cycleway between Cross and Axbridge


Support safe walking and cycling

between Cross and Axbridge.




Next meeting in Axbridge

Wednesday 27th February 2019


7.00pm in The New Inn, Cross


Annual Report (Please see below)

Annual Report 2018


What improvements are needed


Why we need a safe footpath


Latest News


Positive recommendation for A38 crossing and footway extension

We are very pleased to have now received the Feasibility report from Somerset County Council for a pedestrian refuge crossing over the A38 linking with an extension of the footpath up to the stile into the field where a footpath continues to Axbridge. It would be funded under the Small Improvement Scheme Programme. We are waiting to hear that the recommendation has been accepted and the timetable for the work to be carried out.

Three different options were considered by the Designer along with an estimated cost:

· Option 1: Uncontrolled at-grade refuge island with footway extension on A371 (£50k - 75k).

· Option 2: Signal controlled crossing with footway extension on A371 (£130k - 175k).

· Option 3: General road safety improvements (£7k – 12k).

The Designer preferred opotion 1 and 3 combined, to create a refuge island, extended footway and road improvements rather than providing a Signal controlled crossing over the A38. This meets with best practice guidance and would meet the need of those crossing the A38 when combined with the road safety improvements designed to slow the traffic approaching the crossing.  It is described as "a low cost and quick win".

This is now progressing to the Board in charge of implementation. We expect to hear next steps soon and updates will be here on our website.


Who We Are

We are a group of local people campaigning for a safe footpath and cycleway between Axbridge and Cross.

Although there are public footpaths in Cross and Axbridge, the path connecting the two communities is incomplete: it runs from the top of High St in Axbridge, along the inside of the hedge beside the A371, only to emerge about two-thirds of the way down, leaving pedestrians no option but to walk alongside heavy traffic on a narrow refuge cluttered by road signs and often obscured by long grass and the overgrown hedge. The unfortunate pedestrian then has to negotiate the busy A38, at a dangerous crossroads, in order to continue on into the village of Cross.

The old footpath was known locally as the coffin path because the deceased inmates of the workhouse in Axbridge used to be carried along it when being returned to their parish - Compton Bishop, Rooksbridge, Tarnock etc -  for burial.



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Email us at coffinlane@gmail.com and let us know what you think. We are always keen to hear any ideas, suggestions or comments you may have.

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